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In this video, I want to show you the power of your words and how they can help you heal. When someone is sick, they’re always looking for that one thing that will make them better. But sometimes it’s the subtle things that really matter.

Did you know everything in this universe is made up of energy? Even your words are energy.

We as human beings are like radio transmitters and receivers. When we speak our words, we project different frequencies of energy. When someone speaks to us, we receive those frequencies of energy.

So if we say something bad or really awful, that projects negative energy. If we say something loving and good, that transmits positive energy. Then our bodies act as receivers for that energy. If our bodies are sick, positive energy would feel really good. And if that energy that we receive is bad, it actually gets in the way of healing.

You need good energy to heal. In this way, our words impact our healing.

So, I want to show you a demonstration of how powerful our words are. This experiment is based on the work of a gentleman named Dr. Masaru Emoto.

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