Healing Your Chakras with Sound and Color by Steven Halpern – healing videos for you

I invite you to experience what occurs when we resonate your 7 chakras with the 7 ascending musical keynotes and 7 corresponding colors. This is the same multi-modal meditation that I’ve shared with audiences at major spiritual and healing conferences around the world since 1975, and helped make my album CHAKRA SUITE the # 1 bestselling healing album of all time.

This video is the companion to the guided meditation I have also posted on my YouTube channel, in which I verbally direct your focused attention and intention to each chakra in sequence http://youtu.be/NMuNMUh5dCo

Never before available outside of my live performances, I am now offering this gift to everyone to support and promote health, healing and inner peace at this historic time in our shared evolutionary journey leading up to Dec. 21, 2012.

The music alone from CHAKRA SUITE has been proven effective with EEG (brainwave) and subtle energy field measurements (Kirlian photography), and praised by master healers and teachers like Starr Fuentes, Swami Satchidananda, Shirley MacLaine and Itzhak Bentov.

By combining the 7 rainbow colors, the ancient Yoga mandalas from an ancient Yogic tradition, the unique way the tones help you shift into a natural alpha stae of high coherence, and, the pure tones of the Rhodes electric piano, virtually guarantees that you will feel the elevational effects of having your chakras aligned and healed.

Buy CDs and MP3s at http://www.StevenHalpern.com/ChakraSuite, Amazon.com, iTunes, or your favorite local vendor.. Be sure to ask for my special 35th Anniversary edition.


Healing Your Chakras with Sound and Color by Steven Halpern – #healing #videos for you #love #hope #peace #prosperity #asmr #Godbless

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