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Positive Thinking – The most important element for making positive thinking work in your life.

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Truly telling good fortune from bad has nothing to do with how it makes us feel in the immediate moment. Some things that seem bad turn out to be the challenge that pushes us to our greatest success or strength. Using this long-range view of events in our life can markedly change our perception and thinking processes.

To accept that every challenge carries the potential for a positive outcome is the cornerstone of positive thinking. This is a much more permanent approach than tricking your mind into positive thinking for the moment.

Our negative assessments of what happens to us are the source of much unnecessary discomfort. Imagine if your life could be happier simply by changing your thinking about its day-to-day events! Use a review of the most challenging events in your history to prove to yourself that “every challenge is an opportunity.” Learn to “aikido” your challenges, by using their momentum to catapult you to a new position in your life.

Then try the Seven Day Positivity challenge, to learn how to interrupt negative thoughts and replace them with positive thinking.


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